BEAM coin faucet

Welcome to the BEAM coin faucet. Here you can receive a free amount of BEAM coins to play around with. Your wallet software must be online and running to receive the BEAM. Failed transactions are cancelled every 15 minutes. If transaction fails, please wait a while and try again.

Faucet status: 1.4818E-4 BEAM available. (Mainnet) - 99303.45574895 BEAM available. (Testnet)

Network: Mainnet Testnet

Beam Donations (Go directly to the faucet)

Mainnet: 215f68b6d217fd687402353ff9318a8d1149ffe96d8ce2ae2f4cda3360fc0bc62 / Testnet: 3bc3d1d606160ea7fbc2c293ce24e0bc9c1b303ba48c3f62873f07cb873f5d8fe7b

Contact: Twitter